South Dakota Chapter 7 Bankruptcy

Also known as "Straight Bankruptcy." This is the fastest, easiest and least expensive kind of bankruptcy.

How will Chapter 7 Bankruptcy help me?

When you file for Chapter 7 bankruptcy, you can get the relief you need from debts that are overwhelming you. In Chapter 7, an individual or family can usually keep all of their assets and discharge most of their debt. You can generally discharge any unsecured debts such as medical bills, credit card bills, and personal loans. 

A true fresh start

At its core, Chapter 7 bankruptcy gives hardworking Americans a chance to get out from under a mountain of debt. Whether through job loss, a reduction in hours, divorce, or a medical emergency, a family’s finances can quickly become strained. Filing for Chapter 7 bankruptcy benefits individuals in many ways, including:

  • Ending creditor harassment: If you are being harassed by creditors who are bothering you at work and contacting your family, friends, and neighbors, you can stop them immediately simply by hiring our law firm. 
  • Stopping repossession: In Chapter 7 bankruptcy, we can eliminate any balance due after a vehicle financing company has repossessed your car.   
  • Stopping foreclosure: Based on your unique situation and where you are in the foreclosure process, filing for bankruptcy can halt it. Each case is different, and every client is unique. It is wise to discuss your specific financial dilemma with an experienced bankruptcy attorney.
  • Protecting your assets: Many people fear that their property will be liquidated to pay creditors. Fortunately, the state of South Dakota laws provides you exemptions that protect most assets. 
  • Stopping garnishments and ending lawsuits: Chapter 7 is one of the most effective ways to stop garnishments immediately. Garnishments can diminish your hard-earned income, making it almost impossible for you to afford life’s basic necessities. By filing Chapter 7 and ending the garnishment, you will be able to use your income for more critical needs and start saving for your family’s future.  

Chapter 7 is one way for you to begin re-establishing your credit by reducing your debt-to-income ratio. With little or no remaining debt, lenders may feel that you will be better able to repay your debts in the future. Many people who file Chapter 7 buy homes within a couple of years and even finance cars after discharge. 

Learn about the Chapter 7 process here.

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An experienced bankruptcy lawyer can provide information tailored to your unique financial needs and let you know if you qualify for Chapter 7.

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We are a debt relief agency. We help people file for bankruptcy relief under the Bankruptcy Code.

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